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Welcome to Tucked Phones

If you’ve been struggling to get approved for a contract phone because of your credit score, we can help you get around this difficulty. At Tucked Phones, we offer effective, fast and efficient service for mobile users across UK. Our goal is to help you get approved for a contract phone deal no matter your credit score.

Who is Tucked Phones?

Tucked Phones is a leading name in the UK market when it comes to no credit check mobile phones. We specialize in finding affordable deals for mobile users who can’t otherwise get approved from major providers in the market. Since we started this website, we’ve worked with thousands of mobile users from different parts of the country. We promise to continue to offer the same service and assistance to anyone needing help with their contract phone application.

What we do?

At Tucked Phones, what we do well is connect you to the right deal that’s not only budget-friendly but also perfect for your needs. When you partner with us and complete our online application, you can count on us to do our best for you. You’ll have access to our team of specialists who are ready to lend you a hand from the get go. You can seek for expert advice or request for free quotes. But best of all, you’ll have easy access to thousands of no credit check phone deals and get approved in as fast as within the same day. To start checking deals, you can get the best offer here.

Are you eligible?

The eligibility criteria for our no credit check deals are simple and minimal. To apply, you just need to be a UK resident of legal age and with proof of income to get approved fast. You must provide copies of your recent pay slips to prove your employment and income source. If we can confirm that you are financially capable to handle the monthly payments then we should be able to have your application approved in a matter of hours. Make sure to prepare the documents prior to your application for a speedier processing.

Why choose Tucked Phones?

If affordable phone deals with flexible terms are what you are looking for, then you came to the right place. Thanks to key partnerships with only the best suppliers and providers in the market, we are able to guarantee our customers great deals every time. When you partner with us, you know you’ll have access to a wide array of phone deals not always accessible to everyone. You also know that you’ll always find a deal most suited for your needs and no matter your credit score. One of our key partners helping you compare available deals in the market is Money Super Market at

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To apply for a no credit check mobile phone plan, complete our online form which will take you seconds to accomplish. We’ll have your application assessed and approved within 24 hours. Provided that your requirements are ready and complete, approval should be quick. Once approved, you can expect to get your phone delivered to your billing address within 24 to 48 hours. As soon as you receive your phone, give your carrier a call to activate your services. Now you can start enjoying your contract plan. Enjoy!