Which Phone Deal is Right for You?

There are three types of phone deals available in the UK market—pay-monthly contracts, Pay As You Go (PAYG) and SIM only deals. Each of these deals has their pros and cons and only one of these deals is usually well suited for you. Find out below which deal is right for you.

Who are pay monthly contracts for?

Pay monthly contracts are deals where you get a handset and a plan on your call, text and data allowance for a period of time at a fixed monthly fee. In most cases, the term will last for 24 months.

It’s great for people who are heavy users especially those who love to frequently go online on their mobile devices. It’s also perfect for you if you want a new handset particularly the high-end new release but you don’t want to pay for it upfront. Getting a contract will get you the phone and you’ll only pay a fixed monthly fee. For more info on the best contract phone deals, go to Tech Radar.

Who are Pay As You Go deals for?

Pay As You Go or PAYG deals, on one hand, are deals where you need to top-up your phone with credit in order to use it for any type of phone service. If you want to call, you have to buy credits first. Once the credit is used up then you need to top-up again. With this deal, there’s no contract or fixed monthly fee to worry about.

PAYG deals are great for light mobile users. If you rarely use your mobile phone for calls or texting and even data browsing anyway then you may be better off with a PAYG deal. You won’t get a new handset but at least you’re not tied to any lengthy contract term either. You top-up only when needed hence better control of your phone bill.

Who are SIM only deals for?

SIM only deals, as its name implies, are deals that offer only a SIM card. The SIM card is inclusive of a bundle plan that has your monthly call, text and data allowance. It is different from a pay-monthly contract because you won’t get a handset as part of the package. But that also means that your monthly is significantly less. For some deals, there’s not even a lengthy contract you’ll get tied to so you can switch plans anytime you want.

SIM only deal are great for heavy mobile users who are not really looking to own a new handset. If you just want to save more money on your phone bill through a great bundle plan, getting the right SIM only deal for your needs will do the trick.